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  • Administration Departments:

    Propaganda & Education Center of Ministry of Environmental Protection

    Policy Study Center of Ministry of Environmental Protection

    News Propaganda Center of Ministry of Water Resources

    Professional Organization:

    Development Research Center of the State Council    

    Ecology Environment Study Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Finnish National Technology Study Center (VTT)

    Resources and Environment Sub-Institute of China National Institute of Standardization    

    Industry Organizations:

    All-China Environment Federation

    Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences

    Environment Association of All-China Federation of Environment & Commerce

    China Association of Environmental Protection Industry

    Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Study Special Committee of China Finance Association  

    Eco - humanity Alliance    

    Z-Park Scientific Innovation High-tech Transfer Association

    Security Alliance


    China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation

    International Green Economy Association

    Z-Park International Environmental Protection Industry Promotion Center

    Universities & Institutes:

    Environment & Engineering Institute of Peking University

    Environment Institute of Tsinghua University

    Environment Institute of Renmin University of China

    International Cooperation & Communication Department of China Agricultural University

    Beijing University of Chemical Technology

    Environment Institute of Jiangsu University

    University of California, Riverside

    International Organizations:

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

    World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF)      

    International Eco Summit

    Finnish Water Forum

    Funds/Investment Organizations:


    Wuhan East Lake High Technology Group

    Jefferies Hong Kong Limited

    Angel Plus

    Professional Companies:

    Ali Cloud

    Net Ease

    Estar Online

    Beijing Zhixinhengyuan Property Management Co., Ltd.







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